It was Google's advertising system in which advertising campaigns could be launched. Since 2018, it has been known as Google AdSense.

Launched in 2001, it was the first pay-per-click, PPC, service. Although it is easy to create an ad, it requires a lot of skill, as you can spend a lot more if an ad is set up wrong than if you leave it to a professional. We can set the keywords for which the ad should appear and the amount we are willing to pay per click. The position in which the ad appears for that amount depends on the other advertisers. It's like an auction, you need the right expertise.

It consists of a headline, a two-line text and a URL that the user can click on to reach the ad.

Paid ads appear above the organic results on Google's results page. The top one always performs best, i.e. it generates the most revenue for Google. This is determined by two factors: maximum lici and CTR, or click-through rate.

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