About me

Hi, I am Toldi Miklós!

  • Online marketing consultant and contractor

  • E-commerce expert 
  • I have increased the digital efficiency of startups, small and medium-sized businesses
  • I know the latest trends in the West and the US
  • I help my mentors grow with my customized training system

This is the path I've been on for 10 years. Are you ready to succeed?

  • Google Partner and
    Google Analytics Certified
  • META Business

My focus is on conversion. I believe in measurable, visible results, primarily in complex marketing challenges faced by startups or small and medium-sized enterprises.

In my work with clients, I have managed advertising budgets amounting to billions and significantly improved conversion rates.

I support growth and scalability within companies not only through professional marketing campaigns and strategies but also with my uniquely developed educational system and mentoring. This experience was gained while mentoring agency and freelance teams, ensuring truly personalized solutions during our collaboration.

Where did I start?

Throughout my life, three fields have particularly attracted me: economics, marketing, and IT. Initially, my path led me to a career in computer engineering, but the worlds of marketing and numbers were equally close to me, leading me to later pursue education in this direction.

Since the launch of my business in 2013, I have worked with several hundred companies, both domestic and international. I have been effective in specific campaigns, strategic planning and management, and as a growth coach, based on client feedback, helping them achieve their goals.

This expertise was acquired working with individual clients and at classic performance agencies, and through collaborations with renowned partners such as Krisztián Zilahi and Optimonk. My agency work extends beyond national borders, from the UK to the Americas, where I have and continue to partner with various clients.

What am I most proud of?

The trust reflected in nearly 100 positive reviews on my social media platforms, knowing the amount of shared success, hard work, and performance behind them.

Therefore, my goal is to assist entrepreneurs in mastering and implementing online marketing, from beginners to expert-level clients and agency partners who need fine-tuning.

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If you're ready for me to help you completely overhaul your current results, request a quote or book an appointment for a 20-minute, no-fee, no-obligation creative consultation to discuss how I can help you!

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Work with me!

Digital marketing is an investment that pays for itself many times.

I create ROI-focused marketing campaigns for my clients in e-commerce and digital marketing. I primarily help startups and SMEs grow and scale, but I also partner with digital marketing agencies to help them achieve success.

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Learn with me!

Gain practical, marketable knowledge through personalised methods!

I'll show you the most effective tools in online marketing today, and with my unique teaching methodology, I guarantee you'll gain actionable knowledge. Whether you want to manage your own campaigns or just understand the experts you're working with, get the knowledge you need with ease! Let's get to know each other in a free 30-minute consultation!

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Let the numbers speak instead of me

The big advantage of data-driven marketing is that everything can be measured, tracked and we can see immediately how a change makes the whole online marketing system more effective. I'd like to show you some success stories in numbers that show you where my clients and I have come from.