Make your Tiktok Ads more effective

Make your Tiktok Ads more effective

When Tiktok was launched in China in 2016, it was not yet clear how big the avalanche had started. The new video-sharing platform seemed to be one of many around which the hype would soon die down. Little did many people realise at the time how different its story would soon become. But what was the secret that made it conquer its younger audience first, and then slowly the older generation, and become an inescapable social platform for the whole world?

In Hungary, for example, Tiktok has 2.5 million users by the end of 2022, according to a figure of 15 billion video views per month.

In this context, it is particularly interesting that the most popular Hungarian influencer has 6 million followers, which is well beyond the national borders. There has also been a staggering increase in advertising stats, up 7.3% in 3 months for users over 18, so Tiktok is no longer just for the youngest. In numerical terms, 40% of Hungarian users are from Generation Z, i.e. those born between 2000 and 2010, but Generation Y is not negligible with 19%, or Generation X with 14%, as it clearly shows that 73% of users are over 18.

The activity on videos is far above that on other platforms, averaging over 6.72%, including likes, shares, comments.

If it is a video sharing platform, the simple reason behind its popularity is that Tiktok is a platform where the user experience is taken care of by developers and content producers alike. Videos are displayed in full screen. Another special feature is the alternative soundtracks that can be cut in during the recording, which means that more than 80% of users watch videos with the sound on. This makes it more visually and audiovisually addictive than other social platforms. In addition, Tiktok's algorithm can tailor the content displayed as you use it. When you start, a "For You" page appears, where you can find videos that are recommended for you, and then, after registering, you can use "Follow" to train the algorithm to match your tastes as closely as possible. Of course, you can also discover what's new on the dedicated page.

No wonder it has already surpassed YouTube in popularity among video sharing platforms, and was the clear winner as the most downloaded app in 2021-2022. And the numbers make you dizzy: it has more than a billion users worldwide and more than two million in Hungary.

With such a user base, the next opportunity, which primarily concerns businesses and companies, is a must: since 2019, Tiktok's own advertising service has been available, which would be a shame to miss for anyone who thinks big. Let's take a look at who really needs to be present on the most popular video sharing platform, and for which companies Tiktok advertising is a must.

TikTok for all companies?

Although Tiktok started out as a platform for a very young target group, the statistics now show a very different result. According to Statista, in 2022, the percentage of users over 20 will be 75%, while the percentage of users over 30 will be significant, at 53%. The initial users were more women, but this proportion has now levelled out, with both sexes being almost equally represented. And the main reason for returning again and again is for 75% to have fun and 46% to discover something new. It is interesting to note, for example, that 7% of British adults (typically young people under the age of 24) get their current news and information from here. But what is even more striking is that 83% of users admit that the content they see here has influenced their purchasing decisions, while 71% say they were encouraged to buy something they had not previously planned to buy.

However, it is important to look at Tiktok's advertising opportunities - regardless of the form you choose - as the most effective way to promote a product is to present it in a spectacular, entertaining way, while it is in operation, sharing as much information as possible. Typically, this is more for B2C products, but if we meet the criteria above and reach our target audience here, we can of course be flexible in managing these boundaries. Instead of classic advertising - which, regardless of the platform, attracts less interest than a viral video - it is mainly worth thinking about attractive content. The watchwords are relaxed and positive emotions.

Would you implement Tiktok marketing? Here's how to get started!

If you think Tiktok marketing is for you, you should now explore the possibilities to promote your brand or product specifically here. As each platform has different, individual characteristics, let's first familiarise ourselves with the general rules for Tiktok advertising. If you haven't done so before, you will also need to create an advertising account here after registration, which you can do if you have a business account. You will also need to enter your country for billing! You can also request a verification code by phone or email to the email address you provided, after which you can proceed to the next level, creating a pixel, by confirming your registration. For those of you who already have a Facebook advertising account, you may be familiar with this step, which aims to place a snippet of code on your website to monitor everything that happens there, such as page views and visitor habits. That's why this is the first step before we go around the Tiktok advertising options, the specific types of campaigns. Is your ad account and website ready for your most creative and inspiring content? Start exploring Tiktok now, because it'll give you an idea of what your audience is biting on, what videos are gaining the most popularity. This step will also help you find your own style to represent your brand consistently. Under the "Campaigns" tab, you can create your new campaign with the strategy as your primary focus. Your strategy should include a definition of your goal, what you expect from it, what will drive conversions for you. Do they visit your site? Do they download your app? Be clear about it, because the more steps come next! As for the definition of the target group or advertising group. To whom is your offer most relevant? Answering this question will also help you decide what creative elements and messages to work with, as well as influencing placement and campaign budget. In the case of placement, if you're just getting to know Tiktok ads and have no idea where to initially place your campaign, you can choose automatic placement, which you can change later. Similarly, for creatives, you can opt for automatic creative optimisation, which, like placement, will create variations of your specified content and test their impact on the target audience. A good service for competitor analysis is PipiAds, which shows you which content is going viral or which ads are the strongest in your topic. This program analyses Tiktok ads on a daily basis and summarises the results, whether it's the most relevant ad type, the most popular product or finding the right target audience. It can provide you with valuable information that can cut down on lengthy and costly experimentation. You can practically learn about the trends that matter to you with just a few clicks. Plus, you can get started free of charge. However, you'll still need to experiment and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns before you can pinpoint your target group and the form and content of the message you want to send them. This will require you to constantly analyse and fine-tune your campaigns until they are optimal. You will also need to assign a budget to the advertising group you have created so far, which can be a minimum budget at campaign level for the entire lifecycle of the campaign, to help you reach as many people as possible quickly. Or you can choose to set a daily spending level, which will provide a more gradual reach. Once you have defined your ad group and budget, you can create a new campaign based on the parameters you defined earlier. Name them so that you can clearly distinguish them later when you have several campaigns running. In the preview you can see how it will appear to users, and then you have the option to adjust it if you feel the need. Submit the final version for review, and then you have nothing to do but measure the results (and optimise campaigns if necessary). There are general technical steps to help you create content in the right format. You should keep these in mind for any type of Tiktok ad, specification can come after them.

  • Make sure you get the right aspect ratio, which is both still and 9:16 full screen. Speaking of user experience, consider the higher 720 pixel resolution for better picture quality.
  • Equally important is the right sound to make the experience that much punchier. Different types of advertising have unique characteristics, so take these into account in your campaigns.
  • And the aim of the copy should be to provide concise but attention-grabbing information, as you're competing in a noisy environment. However, you need to be clear about what you expect from the visitor, which you can achieve with the same call-to-action you're used to in other ads. What should a visitor who is interested in your product do? Make it specific and easily accessible to them!
  • Put the essential elements in the middle of your video, so you don't have to worry that even with the right format, the edges of the interface will hide the point. However, it's best not to make your message too long - you're more likely to get the point across in 30 seconds than with longer content. If you grab attention at the start of your video, you'll get more views. Marketing psychology works here too: limited time or limited offers, unique discounts can be just as attractive on Tiktok as on any other platform.

Even if at first glance it seems daunting how you're going to produce a standout quality of content from the more and more exciting content on the interface, don't worry! There are plenty of tools to help you do this as easily as possible as a user and advertiser. For example, you can make a video from your existing images, or mix your videos. There's an editor to help you, but you can also use special sound and text effects and music to get creative and make them unique.

These guidelines will help you at the point where you're not yet using paid Tiktok ads, just producing content to build your brand organically.

However, you can also use influencer collaborations with a wider following, where the influencer's follower base is relevant to your brand and product.

And now it's time to explore the possibilities of classic Tiktok ads, where you can make your creative content work with paid advertising and well thought-out, planned, measured and fine-tuned campaigns.

How Tiktok Ads works

If you're already familiar with the technical background of Tiktok Ads, now it's time to dive into the different ad types to see what opportunities you have to promote your brand on the platform.

  1. Video
    Full screen videos on the "For You" page. They range from 5-60 seconds in length and are the most basic ad type on the platform.
  2. In-feed
    In-between videos are the ads that a visitor encounters while browsing on the "For You" page, and can take the form of a description of your Ticktok ad, a video, an ad image or your brand name. Here you should pay particular attention to style, as content that fits authentically into the newsfeed will be the most successful, according to the statistics.
    Whichever type you choose, they all have technical requirements - such as word count, aspect ratio or size - that you can use for that ad type.
  3. TopView
    This is the type of ad that a browser first encounters when opening Tiktok, which achieves significantly higher efficiency when full-screen than on any other platform. With a properly targeted audience, averaging 5-60 seconds in length, you can have a featured display in your area for 24 hours.
    If you are launching a new product, for example, this type of ad can be an ideal choice.
  4. Branded Effects
    Create your own filters, effects or stickers for your followers! They will reward you by using them in their own content. With this tool you are guaranteed to help drive activity and build brand loyalty.
  5. Branded Hashtag Challenge
    Hashtags and challenges? Yes, you've seen this on other platforms, but the Tiktok people don't discount them either. Using them, you can earn valuable conversions by asking your users to create content using your hashtags, which you reward them with valuable rewards.
    Based on where they appear, you can see them as a strip ad above on the "Discover" page or a little further down as a sponsored hashtag appearance.
  6. Spark
    Use and promote organic content related to your brand or product! You can think of it most like Facebook's featured posts, which Tiktok provides more precise tools for targeting.
  7. Pangle
    We left this ad type to the end, as it is not yet available everywhere and can only be used by certain advertisers. The ad format is optional (native, video or banner), but it is displayed in a different application, as Pangle's video platform is integrated into Tiktok. It may be worth exploring in more depth later on.

A few more sentences about influencer marketing, which you can combine with Tiktok ads to strengthen your brand awareness.

How do you go about finding the right influencer for you? First, the platform's built-in search engine will help you. There are also subscription-based influencer platforms that you can sign up to, which can also expand your options, but if you're already working with an influencer on another platform, it's worth checking to see if they're active on Tiktok. Google can also be your friend if you do your due diligence on your prospective partner. This is always an important step that can be a key to the success of a future collaboration. What kind of content do they produce? How active is your follower base? What could be the secret to his success? What type of content is most active? Is it authentic and does the value system it represents align with your brand's values? Do you have a history of collaboration with a competitor?

It is always worth clarifying these issues at the outset in order to ensure effective cooperation.

Tick advertising rates in 2022

We have good news if you think Tiktok's organic and paid advertising system is for you, because it's still a relatively cheap option. Of course, this also depends on the right strategy, but you should keep in mind that you can reach target groups here that you can't reach on other platforms.

Thanks to its popularity, it can also be the first place to see new trends that will later spread to other platforms, which can also be an important factor in optimising costs.

And the good news is that it's not just the size of your following or the budget you spend on advertising that determines the success of your content.

With the right content, you can literally reach millions in a very short period of time, which is why it's worth investing the time to prepare. Building loyalty takes the long haul but you can also break the bank in the short term.

There is no right answer to the question "How much does a Tiktok ad cost?" any more than there is a right answer to the question "How much does a Facebook ad cost?". It depends on your brand, your industry, the relevant target audience and how well you hit the message. However, what agencies and users agree on is that there are currently tens of thousands of Facebook ads available through Tweets for a tenth of the cost.

As is the fact that the earlier you start planning your presence on this platform, the cheaper it is to exploit its potential before your competitors. Time is just as important a factor as any other parameter, as it gives you the experience you need to make your paid advertising and brand communication more effective.

Get inspiration from famous brands!

Last but not least, as an idea generator, get to know an example from a big global brand who is also discovering the potential of Tiktok advertising. Inspired by Starbucks Hungary's encounter with Tiktok, which in November 2022 not only created a new channel to build its brand, but also immediately mobilised its followers, who were instantly more engaged with its brand thanks to its original idea. The Starbucks Tester appeal was designed to communicate the values the brand holds dear, sustainability and the fight against food waste. According to the details posted in the Tiktok video, anyone can sign up to share their favourite Starbucks moments on Tiktok, with the most successful of these moments also hoping for a long-term partnership with the coffee chain. While the idea may be dismissed as a way to get the masses to come to Starbucks with its brand recognition and budget, there is no shortage of examples of Hungarian companies who are Tiktok success stories. Polar Klima, which is not a high-profile topic, generated more than 10,000 followers in a few weeks. The secret? With funny videos, they seem to have hit their (prospective) followers' taste. But it's not just the fun content that can be just as popular, it's the useful ones that provide easy-to-incorporate hacks for our hectic daily lives. The key words, as you may have read before, or can see if you are an active user of Tiktok, are coolness and originality. An average Tiktok user spends 60 minutes a day on the site, which you can look at as a non-refundable opportunity to grab their attention. Do you accept the challenge?


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